Johnnie Carwash is a garage indie rock band from Lyon

CATALOGUE is a french band from Marseille

French quartet PARLOR gives birth to the rawest blend of chaotic hardcore

Take out shorts, barbecues, and put your heads in the sun. Influenced by power pop and US punk rock.

Post punk rythms, cool Glam riffs and 90’s indie-rock moods. 

indie rock from Lyon influenced by punk, noise rock and pop music.

Hardcore intensity, coldwave melancholy, and post-punk rhythms

Indie Rock

Apocalyptic post-hardcore, vintage electro .. ashes will be born EinZweiDreiVier!

Mélo Grind

Incandescent, degenerate and nihilistic primal incarnation of rock'n'roll

A whirlwind that takes you to the guts

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No war between Russia, Czech republic, Quebec and Malaysia

Entre histoires d'amour dėceptives et vacances à la plage

Indie Rock Shoegaze band from Lyon (Fr)..

Garage post-punk wave band from Lyon (Fr) with members of X-Ray Vision, Binaire, Flashfalcon...

Emo punk screamo band from Paris (Fr). Its melodies, it rhythm, violence, sadness and joy tries to make you think of yours. 

SNEERS. are a two-piece music project formed in Berlin in 2012 by M. G. Blaankart and Leonardo Oreste Stefenelli.

Sly and The Gayz is able to return any dancefloor.

Collapse is a band from Grenoble who are playing instrumental progressive music

BenNasr AlGhandour (B N A G) is a two-pieces math-punk-noise-hardcore band from Paris


Screamo rock n' roll band from Annecy. Raw energy


you'll go back to the 90's, enjoying what they call "Hardcore'n'roll" !!

This is not a band, but lots of bands!

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