CD cristal format


1. Anabarbera 01:28    
2. Disco Killer 02:10    
3. Lady Marlon 02:09    
4. Toy! Toy! Toy! 00:20    
5. The Get Up Bastard 02:42    
6. No Heroes 04:19

Schwere Artillerie - Brutal Bebop Show

SKU : HViV01
  • CD cristal format

    Incarnation primal incandescent degenerate and nihilistic rock'n'roll. The idea may seem twisted, it turns terribly effective: mingling of simple melodies, but inspired, heavily laden with emotion, a grindcore extreme and devoid of concessions. The clash is violent, brutal and takes its full dimension on stage, where the group offers some minutes' grace, weightless in a warm standby end of the world.


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